3M USA is a diversified, technol-ogy driven company known for its innovation across the world with leading positions in a broad range of markets.

3M India Abrasive Systems

Diversion leverages the vast abrasives technology expertise from our parent company. Our customer base spans across Metalworking, Auto parts, woodworking, and engineering markets. In the Metal Fabri-cation marker, we offer a broad range of products for cutting, deburring, gridding, cleaning, and finishing. These products have a fast and a consistent cut, throughout the product life, and are safe to use. They minimize heat discoloration and gouging, reduce tool down time, and are east to use while reducing op-erator fatigue. Our sales approach is consultative which helps you to enhance productivity, obtain a high-er quality product, lower rejection levels, and choose the right product for specific applications.

3M Adhesives & Tapes

Today, Designers and Engineers rely on 3M Tapes and Adhesives for enhancing end-use performance and providing superior design flexibility & efficiency. With more than 50 years of experience in Indus-trial Adhesives and Tapes, 3M meets every requirement of the industry. In addition to advanced for-mulations for reliability and versatility, 3M provides application systems that facilitate the production service in assisting customers select the best product for the job.

3M Occupational Health & Environment Safety Division

Offers solutions for welding, construction, emergency services. Products for Respiratory Protection, Welding, skin Protection, Visibility, Hearing Protection, Eye Protection, Spill Management, Thermal Imaging Camera, product Catalogues.