Blaser Swisslube India Pvt. Ltd. - Blaser Swisslube AG (Switzerland) is a leader in development and pro-duction of metal cutting fluids and supplies to manufacturing industries worldwide. With their accumulated know-how covering all machining demands and situations, they have set the highest standards for the quality of their products.

Serving Industries like the Automotive industry, Medical technology, Watch industry, Aerospace industry, Machine tool industry, Tool manu-facturers, Mixed parts production, and Energy industry, they have wide range of products in Water-miscible coolants, Cutting oils, and Grinding oils.

Cutting Oils

Blaser’s well-balanced range of cutting fluids offers you the following advantages:

  • Nonferrous metal compatibility
  • Wear protection
  • Low discharge rate
  • High flashpoint
  • Low vaporizing and misting
  • Excellent skin tolerance
  • Grinding Oils

    Blaser’s grinding oils let you increase your feed rates. The best grinding oil ideally balances lubrication and self-sharpening effect. We make sure of this with the high quality of our base oils. Our grinding oils are distinguished by the following charac-teristics:

  • Low misting
  • High flashpoint
  • Excellent machine compatibility
  • Excellent human compatibility
  • Excellent grinding performance
  • Water-miscible Coolants

    Blaser’s well-balanced product range offers you the following advantages:

  • Excellent human and environmental compatibility
  • Optimal cooling and lubrication
  • Optimal machining and grinding performance
  • Minimal consumption
  • Outstandingly good flushing and cleaning
  • High long-term stability and robustness